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Mercer Equipment KM 94R Image Brand Logo
KM 94R

This lightweight stratified charge engine features an ECOSPEED throttle speed control.

Mercer Equipment FSB-KM Image Brand Logo

FSB - KM curved shaft trimmer KombiTool to improve maneuverability in tight areas with AutoCut® C 6-2 cutting head for STIHL KombiSystem.

Mercer Equipment FS-KM Linehead trimmer Image Brand Logo

FS - KM Line Head Trimmer KombiTool with AutoCut® 25-2 head for STIHL KombiSystem.

Mercer Equipment FS-KM Brushcutter Image Brand Logo

FS - KM straight shaft brushcutter KombiTool with metal blade for STIHL KombiSystem, used for mowing heavy grass and weeds.

Mercer Equipment FCS-KM Image Brand Logo

FCS - KM Straight Lawn Edger KombiTool with depth control wheel and open guard design for STIHL KombiSystem

Mercer Equipment FCB-KM Image Brand Logo

FCB - KM Curved Lawn Edger KombiTool with adjustable depth control wheel and built-in blade “sight”.

Mercer Equipment RG-KM  Image Brand Logo

The RG-KM Reciprocator attachment easily removes grass and weeds from a wide variety of surfaces.

Mercer Equipment BG-KM Image Brand Logo

BG - KM is a powerful, lightweight blower KombiTool that is ideal for outdoor clean-up tasks.

Mercer Equipment HL-KM  straight hedge trimmer Image Brand Logo

HL - KM 0˚ - Straight Hedge trimmer KombiTool that provides extended reach for tall or hard-to-reach hedges.

Mercer Equipment HL-KM adjustable hedge trimmer Image Brand Logo

HL - KM 0˚- 145˚ Adjustable Hedge Trimmer KombiTool with the added flexibility of an adjustable blade, up to 270˚ (145˚ working range).

Mercer Equipment HT-HL-KM Drive Tube Extension Image Brand Logo

KM Extension - Aluminum Drive Tube Extension for pole pruner and hedge trimmer KombiSystem attachments. Extends shaft by 42” for more reach.

Mercer Equipment HT-KM Image Brand Logo

HT - KM - This pole pruner KombiTool makes quick work of pruning trees and shrubs. Side-access chain tensioner makes it easy to adjust the chain.

Mercer Equipment KW-KM Powersweep Image Brand Logo

KW - KM PowerSweep™ paddle KombiTool cleans up dirt along roads and sidewalks, moves pebbles and sand in turf

Mercer Equipment KB-KM Bristlebrush Image Brand Logo

KB - KM - The bristle brush KombiTool is an effective tool for removing debris from cracks and crevices of hard surfaces.

Mercer Equipment BF-KM Image Brand Logo

BF - KM - A lightweight cultivator KombiTool for getting into tight places. Ideal for rejuvenation of flower beds and gardens

Mercer Equipment FBD-KM Bed Re-Definer Image Brand Logo

FBD - KM bed re-definer - KombiSystem KombiTool with rugged construction for maximum durability.

Mercer Equipment PAS225SB-2A Image Brand Logo

21.2 cc professional-grade, 2-stroke engine for outstanding engine performance Tool-less coupler allows for fast easy changes on multiple attachments

Mercer Equipment Bed Redefiner 99944200465 Image Brand Logo

Adjustable support wheel for that perfect edge depth Oversize shield keeps debris contained in bed Works seven times faster than a shovel

Mercer Equipment Curved Shaft Edger 99944200470AB Image Brand Logo

8" blade provides excellent cutting depth and durability for sidewalk and bed edging Clog-resistant metal shield

Mercer Equipment Straight Shaft Edger 99944200475 Image Brand Logo

8" blade provides excellent cutting depth and durability for sidewalk and bed edging

Mercer Equipment 99944200486 Pro Hedge Trimmer Image Brand Logo

21" double-sided, double-reciprocating professional-grade cutter blades for quick, clean trimming and sculpting

Mercer Equipment 99944200490AB Blower Image Brand Logo

Direct-drive fan for direct power transfer and maximum performance Metal ring on the blower tip gives added protection in demanding use

Mercer Equipment Tiller Cultivator 99944200513 Image Brand Logo

42:1 gear reduction for high torque tilling action 6.5" tilling swath is ideal for flowerbed and garden maintenance Heavy-duty gear box

Mercer Equipment Power Pruner 99944200532 Image Brand Logo

Improved gearbox features dual-sealed bearings, cut steel gears and manual grease port 10" bar and chain for excellent cutting capacity

Mercer Equipment Product Image Not Found Brand Logo

36" long.For use with Articulating Hedge Trimmer (HCA), Hedge Trimmer, and Power Pruner attachments Tool-less coupler easily and quickly attaches

Mercer Equipment PAS-225 Image Brand Logo

21.2cc Power Boost Vortex™ engine provides exceptional power. Pro-Fire™ electronic ignition insures quick, easy starts.

Mercer Equipment PAS-225VPB Image Brand Logo

The PAS-225VPB comes complete with a Power Source, a String Trimmer attachment and a Blower attachment...

Mercer Equipment PAS-2620 Image Brand Logo

The PAS-2620 comes equipped with more power than the PAS-266 and a 25.4cc professional-grade...

Mercer Equipment KM 56 Image Brand Logo
KM 56

​​The KM 56 RC-E KombiEngine is part of the STIHL family of multi-use tools.

Mercer Equipment KM 91 Image Brand Logo
KM 91

​​Powered by a proven STIHL 4-MIX™ engine designed for demanding professional use.

Mercer Equipment KM 111 R Image Brand Logo
KM 111 R

A new and improved professional 4-MIX™ unit with low-exhaust emissions.

Mercer Equipment KM 131 R Image Brand Logo
KM 131 R

STIHL’s most powerful 4-MIX™ professional use low-emission engine in the KombiEngine line-up.

Mercer Equipment 535LK Image Brand Logo

​​High-powered, heavy duty professional combi trimmer with reliable X-Torq engine.

Mercer Equipment 129LK Image Brand Logo

Trimmer 129LK is a multi-purpose tool that features a powerful 27cc engine and professional quality - combined with a focus on ease of use.

Mercer Equipment 525LK Image Brand Logo

The Husqvarna 525LK is a lightweight trimmer for commercial use.

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